Weekly Bark June 28th 2012

By Joe Ragusa

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The NCAA approved a new four-team playoff system Wednesday in an effort to make the current way of determining a champion in the Football Bowl Subdivision more fair. Will the new system work better than the old one?

Joe: It will work better, but it’s still not an ideal solution. We still don’t know how the teams will be selected, and with only four spots available, there’s still a good chance a deserving team will get screwed over. If the NCAA eventually expands the field to eight or 16 teams, then it should be fine.

Ben: I think it is a pretty tough task to find the perfect postseason for college football. Will the fifth ranked team complain about being left out in the new format the same as the third ranked team does now? I don’t think there is a solution to this problem in any of the proposed changes.


Gus Bode: Lets talk about less about college football and more about the possible NHL lockout of the 2012-13 season.