DE Weekly Bark August 29, 2012

By Ben Conrady


After a string of recent run-ins with the law—including a misdemeanor domestic violence charge after he allegedly tried to kill his mother—Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant must now follow a set of team rules requiring him to keep a midnight curfew, refrain from alcohol and have a rotating three-man security team that will ensure one person is with Bryant at all times. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he has put similar restrictions on players before, some of which were more strict. Do you agree with Jones and the Cowboys’ decision?

Alex Rostowsky — Absolutely. If you’re going to act like a child, you deserve to be treated like one. If I were Jerry Jones, I probably wouldn’t have allowed him to come back to the team in the first place. When you have the fortune of making millions of dollars playing a game for a living, you should be a decent human being at the very least.


DeMario Phipps-Smith — If these rules make Bryant into a top 5 reciever, then I agree. There is also the outcome where Bryant is offended by Jones’ policies and destroys the Cowboys’ locker room with a series of Terrell Owens-like antics.

Ben Conrady — Jerry Jones wants to win more than any other owner in the NFL, and he is willing to use any means necessary to do so. Usually, these “means” include opening his never-ending wallet and overpaying for a decent player. This time he is treating his star like a toddler. Bryant should be mature enough to handle himself, but if he can’t, Jones and the Cowboys have every right to take matters into their own hands.

Sarah Schneider — Most star athletes such as Bryant have to remember that whether they like it or not they are role models for young children. If it means treating Bryant like a child in order to keep him on the team, go for it.

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