Prescription discount available to residents

By Lauren Duncan

Carbondale has a new program that gives uninsured residents and students a Prescription Discount Card that will make prescriptions easier to obtain and more affordable.

The Prescription Discount Card can be picked up at the Student Center as well as the Carbondale Civic Center, Carbondale Public Library and Carbondale Chamber of Commerce.

The card is made available to residents by the city in collaboration with the National League of Cities and is made possible through Carbondale’s membership in NLC.  The card is free and available to anyone regardless of age or income. By getting this card, a person saves on average 23 percent off of the original retail price of the prescriptions purchased.


There are no restrictions or limitations on this card and it can be used at all major pharmacies. By getting a Prescription Discount Card, a person will immediately be eligible to receive higher discounts on select medications.

While the card is not the same as insurance, its purpose is to help make prescriptions more assessable to people who are uninsured or do not have prescriptions covered on their policy.