Council to talk Stadium Grille property redevelopment

By Austin Flynn

The City Council will talk tonight about an approval to enter into a redevelopment contract for the property used by Stadium Grille and annexation of the Lakeland Hills subdivision.

Kevin Baity, city manager, said the city staff will talk with Park Ridge Midwest Realty, a contractor, about using and improving the Stadium Grille property for use by Bandana’s Bar-B-Q restaurant. If the council approves the contract, Park Ridge Midwest Realty would purchase the property from First Southern Bank for $330,662 and make upgrades to the building. The city would then reimburse the contractor annually until either the $330,662 is paid off or the Tax Increment Financing District No. 1 expires.

The council will also speak about the Lakeland Hills subdivision’s annexation.


Baity said the city entered into an agreement with the property’s  owners in 1997 that stated the area could be annexed into the city if the city installed a sewer system into the subdivision.

The city has sent out petitions to Lakeland Hills property owners so they can officially be annexed.

The problem, Baity said, is the home owners who refuse to sign petitions. He said they either refuse to be annexed or were unaware of the situation when they purchased their home because the agreement was made before they bought the property.

“There are some that believe they do not have to annex, and so they are refusing to turn theirs in,” he said.

Baity said for a household to complete a petition, every member of the residence who is of legal voting age must sign the document before it’s returned to the city.

When the subdivision is finally annexed, Baity said area residents will receive maintenance work from the city such as garbage pickup, winter snow plows, general repair work for the roads and law enforcement presence.

According to the agenda, there will also be talks of an amendment to the parking fees discussed at the Sept. 11 meeting and, a final vote will determine said amendments.


A one-day permit will change from $2 to $3; a week permit will switch from $5 to $8; and a month permit will change from $18 to $25.