Salukis make use of bye week after two loss streak


After two tough losses in the last two weeks, the first to South Dakota, and the second to Northern Iowa University, the Salukis go into their bye week in week ten. 

The Dawgs were thrown off of a five game winning streak by South Dakota University in week eight. One week later, Southern hosted UNI and lost 37-36, due to a missed field goal at the end of the fourth quarter failed to clinch the come-back win.

Heading into their bye week, many members of the Salukis say there’s plenty of work ahead of them if they want to get better.


“This isn’t on one guy, or one series, or anything. There are a lot of things that we can correct and get better, and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll own the two losses in a row, and it will sting, but now it’s time to regroup, ” said head coach Nick Hill. 

He said this is the latest bye week that Southern Illinois has had since he has been at Southern. This could have played a role in the outcome of the last two games. 

In the first game following the bye week, the Salukis will be hosting North Dakota State University. 

“We’ll take a few days to step back, and then we’ll work on some things, rest the guys that need it, and get ahead for North Dakota State and have a great week of practices,” Hill said.

Key players like twin brothers Avante and Dante Cox agreed that the players need to reconnect before they go back out on the field. 

“We all need to trust the guy next to us, and do our individual jobs,” Dante said. 

Players like Avante Cox, who have been playing with healing injuries all season are going to be taking this bye week time to rest up so they are ready for NDSU. 


“Playing with the injury that I’ve had all season, this week I’m going to rest a bit, taking not as many physical reps, but more mental reps and watch more film,” he said. 

Looking forward to the next home game the Salukis are dialing in on winning strategies. 

“It comes down to, we have to find a way to win next time we step out at home,” Hill said. 

In week three of the season, Avante Cox and Hill talked about how the team was playing as a unit and how the sideline and the players on the field are playing as one, not playing for themselves. This has continued throughout the season. 

“We’re not doing much different, we’re still playing as a unit, the sideline is still supporting those who are on the field. I think we’re just not capitalizing and taking those little details into consideration,” Avante Cox said. 

The Dawgs will take on North Dakota State University in week ten, at Saluki Stadium at 1 p.m.

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