D.E. Weekly Bark November 27, 2012

By Alex Rostowsky

Former University of Auburn football coach Gene Chizik was fired Sunday, two years after leading the Tigers and current Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to a national championship. Chizik was 33-19 in four years at Auburn, but the Tigers finished 3-9 this season. Should college coaches get more time to prove themselves after a fall from glory?

I think coaches should have at least a few years to build a recruiting class and see how it goes from there. Oftentimes coaches inherit recruits, which can be a good or bad thing. I don’t think one or two classes can truly determine a coach’s capabilities until his true mark has been left on the field and he has sufficient time to develop talent. Alex Rostowsky-Daily Egyptian

In some cases, college coaches can get huge contracts after just one really good season. It’s only fair that they are on a short leash, because they are essentially getting paid to lead a team into a winning and successful culture. You get fired when you don’t do the job you are hired to perform. This also applies to coaches. Demario Smith-Phipps-Daily Egyptian


Chizik’s hire was questioned by many Auburn fans from the beginning, and his 19-19 record without Cam Newton at Auburn proves he did not deserve the job. If colleges and universities are willing to take on the burden of paying for a buyout, then they reserve the right to make these decisions. Nobody ever said coaching was an easy profession. Ben Conrady-Daily Egyptian

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