COVID-19 prompts SIU to change how spring classes will start; many to go temporarily virtual

Chancellor Austin Lane has announced via email the first week of Spring semester classes at SIU will include hybrid classes- a mix of both virtual and face to face sessions. To ensure the health and safety of the SIU community the majority of classes will be held virtually, said the email sent on Jan. 6, 2022. Classes are set to start Jan. 10.

Students can check the list of face to face classes on SIUs Coronavirus information website and contact their academic advisor with any additional questions.

Lane said campus offices will remain open during their regular hours and in-person activities will continue with health and safety protocols in place. According to Lane, three days of on campus testing conducted by Reditus Laboratories resulted in a 2.5% positivity rate of 1,487 SIU employees and a 6.3% positivity rate of 847 SIU students as of 4 p.m Jan. 5.


The majority of students have yet to receive COVID testing, Lane said.

“To those of you who tested this week, thank you for doing your part to care for yourself and protect your community,” he said.

Prior to testing, visit the on campus testing page. See more: On-Campus Testing | Coronavirus Information | SIU.

For any additional updates Lane advised the community to send any queriers to [email protected] or visit