Weekly Bark January 31 2013

By Demario Smith-Phipps

In the first ever meeting between sibling head coaches in major American sports, who do you think will win the Superbowl?

Rita Cheng: “I think it will be the 49ers. I’m rooting for the 49ers because we have an SIU alum on the team (Brandon Jacobs) and I think it will be 21-9.”

Barry Hinson: “There’s no question that I’m pulling for the Baltimore Ravens. I haven’t pulled for the San Francisco 49ers since the Dwight Clark catch to beat the Dallas Cowboys. In my opinion there’s only one football team, it’s the Dallas Cowboys and since they are not it, I’m definitely going for the Ravens.”


Glenn Poshard: “I like both teams, but I think San Francisco is going to win. They have a lot of momentum going with Kaepernick right now and I have a sense they  are going to pull this thing out. It’s going to be a tough ball game, a very close ball game and either team could win, but I think San Francisco has the kind of momentum with a new quarterback that is hard to beat.”

Gus Bode: I will have to pull for the Ravens. Ray Lewis will be playing the last game of his career and as one of the best linebackers ever to play I would like to seem him leave with a second superbowl win. It might be a close game but I think the final score will be 24-21 with John Harbaugh beating his younger brother Jim.