Top 10 highest earners at SIUC and SIU System

By Rana Schenke, Editor

(Editor’s note: The 2020-2021 salary database includes SIUC, SIU System and SIU School of Medicine personnel salaries. SIUE personnel salaries were not included in the material provided.)

Over 3,200 individuals receive salaries from SIUC, SIU School of Medicine and the SIU System office.

Of these, the recipients of the 10 highest salaries receive over $3.1 million combined. Using the 2020-2021 salary database, the following breaks down the 10 highest salaries and who receives them.


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According to the salary database, the highest salary is earned by Bryan Mullins, the head basketball coach for SIUC. Mullins earns a base salary of $475,000 a year as per his contract, not including bonuses.

The second highest salary belongs to system president Dan Mahony, who earns $435,000 a year, $40,000 less than Mullins. 

The third highest salary is earned by Stephen Brent Clark, affiliated professor and researcher III at SIUC. Clark earns a salary of $343,643 per year. 

SIUC chancellor Austin Lane receives the fourth highest salary at $340,008 per year, or $3,600 below the next highest earner.

Dale “Buck” Hales, a professor of physiology at SIU School of Medicine, is the fifth highest earner in the database, netting a salary of $287,892 a year.

Meera Komarraju, provost and vice chancellor of academic affairs at SIUC, receives the sixth highest salary overall and the fourth highest salary at SIUC. Her salary is $275,000 a year.

Terry Clark, dean of the SIUC College of Business, earns the seventh highest salary, at $272,700 per year.


Xiaoqing Liu, dean of SIUC’s College of Engineering, earns a yearly salary of $258,000.

Quincy Scott, professor and director of Family and Community Medicine – Carbondale, earns a salary of $255,000.

The 10th highest earner is Duane Stucky, vice president for financial and administrative affairs of the SIU System. He receives a yearly salary of $246,720.

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