A letter from the editor: The Daily Egyptian newsroom is on lockdown

By Kallie Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Edited 5:05 p.m 9/13 with corrected numbers

Updated 9/14 with another negative test result

Updated 9/15 with more negative test results


As of Sept. 11 the Daily Egyptian newsroom is on lockdown.

A member of the DE staff began to feel sick on Sept. 7 and began to self quarantine. They were tested on Sept. 10. and received their positive test result on Sept. 11

As soon as the DE was informed of the positive test result on Sept. 11 we immediately went into lockdown and initiated our COVID-19 plan.

For the next 14 days no one will be allowed into the newsroom and all staff members who were in the office during this time were instructed to be tested unless they were otherwise cleared through our contact tracing efforts. 

For the most part, our staff has been working remotely throughout the semester and those who have entered our office have written their names down in a book with the time, date and their temperature. 

Any staff member with any COVID-19 symptoms is required to go home immediately and report to their editor.

Six of our staff members have been tested, five received negative results and one is still awaiting results and as a result of these negative tests, five other students have been cleared through our contact tracing efforts. 


The only DE staff members who will be permitted to cover any in-person events during this quarantine are those who have been cleared.

 We value the safety of our community and staff and we are taking every precaution.

Editor-in-Chief Kallie Cox can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @KallieECox.

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