SIU to provide reimbursement, credit to students for room and board amid COVID-19

By Staff Report, News Desk

SIU has announced new information regarding housing and dining reimbursement as well as bursar accounts.

The university will be providing credit or reimbursement up to 50 percent of room and board costs for students who have not lived on campus since spring break, according to a university release.

The amount of credit/reimbursement will depend on the student’s housing contract and meal plan as well as scholarships/financial aid and bursar balance, the release said. Reimbursements will be distributed through direct deposit.


Students who have not lived in the residence halls since spring break will receive reimbursement regardless of whether or not they have checked out of their room or retrieved their belongings.

Students will be notified when they are able to return to the residence halls to collect belongings, the release said. Students are currently not permitted to return to campus to retrieve belongings.

The release said reimbursements are expected to begin around mid-April. Students who remain on campus will not receive reimbursement or credit.

Regarding bursar accounts, the university has increased the balance students can carry on their bursar accounts in order to register for classes in fall 2020 from $200 to $1,500.

As long as a student owes no more than $1,500 on their bursar account, they will be able to register for summer and fall 2020 classes, according to an email from interim chancellor John Dunn.

This story is developing and will be updated as new information becomes available.

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