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Illinois’ strict eavesdropping law should change

By Lauren Leone

February 7, 2012

Proposed bill would allow audio recordings of police officers in publicIllinois has one of the strictest eavesdropping laws in the nation, but some state legislators are proposing a bill that could allow the recording of a police...

What happens when reasons run out?

By Lauren Leone

February 2, 2012

Every person reading this is likely invested in this institution one way or another, and regardless of what category they fall under — alumni, students or faculty — they have the right to know how things are stacking up.Th...

SIUC can’t compete with the rest

By Lauren Leone

February 2, 2012

The university already has it rough financially with its budget deficit and declining enrollment, but performance-based funding may end up being SIUC’s biggest headache to date.Beginning July 1, the annual budget for higher...

Penn State coach’s legacy dies along with him

By Lauren Leone

January 23, 2012

Listening to the feeble whispers of former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno in his first interview since his firing — and the last before his death — does not change my opinion of the man who could have done more to stop Jerr...

You can’t save face by censoring others

By Leah Stover

December 14, 2011

When I took over as editor of the Daily Egyptian in the summer of 2011, I could not have imagined the First Amendment lessons that lay ahead – the university’s stonewalling DE reporters, its refusal to turn over the memo detai...

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