Photo of the day: Running with red, white and blue

Isabel Miller | @IsabelMillerMedia
Joe Gomez of Cobden runs through the finish line, on Friday April 26, 2019, at Turley Park during the Neighborhood Co-Op Feed your Neighbor 5K. Gomez has been running competitions like this for 30 years, his longest Lee race was a 50K. Gomez says he runs support everyone in the community. “It takes a village,” Gomez said. Funds raised from the race went to the Good Samaritan House, a charity that gives support to those in need. Gomez runs with the team Red, White and Blue. “It’s an organization started by a veteran. It’s all inclusive, anybody can join. It’s about enriching people’s lives saying that we are more alike than we are different. And everyone has something to offer to their fellow man and woman in terms of positivity,” Gomez said.