You’re Dumb and Wrong: Just because I like your memes doesn’t mean I’ll go to your band’s bar gig


Dated meme, now the article’s completely wrong.

By Jeremy Brown, Arts & Entertainment Editor

No one will come see lukewarm comedy just because the performer writes an inflammatory weekly column, either.

On Facebook, I’m friends with a lot of bearded white guys that share dozens of memes daily. For some weird reason three of them are named Jake but all of them are in some form of band. I know because half my Facebook notifications are invites to their latest shows.

I understand the premise of using social media to promote your brand and band–it’s a fast way to tell a lot people about upcoming performances and your latest t-shirt that’s “selling out soon!” But what’s that got to do with memes?


On Facebook these amount to mostly gifs, jpegs of the latest trend, screenshot tweets and the occasional drawing of a penis on a now tainted childhood cartoon that makes me throw my phone at work. Sorry Isabel, I would’ve told you to duck if I was ready for it.

My problem isn’t getting invited to punk shows I won’t attend. I’m not interested in any of them because I’m a prude, the music’s too loud and everyone’s either too drunk or too high to tell me where the bathroom is. Half the time we’re already in it.

But what I don’t get is why one of the Jake’s would think if I like virtual comedy they share on my phone, that I’d be interested in an in-person eardrum stress test. I like memes because I’m buried in social insecurities and liking memes helps me act like I don’t have those, Jake.

It’s the internet equivalent of giving me a Snickers bar for free, then inviting me to bungee jumping. You’re not you when you’re hungry, or when you’re puking on a bungee cord.

There is a definite overlap for other people. Sometimes people like a ton of memes from a band-guy and then think “You know what? I might be interested in his show plus I loved the post about how obnoxious local guitarists are.”

For me the problem lies in that the memes are not really a representation of a band-guy’s talent, but rather his taste in humor. That does give you a clearer picture of someone, but it’s not as if knowing Jake is hip with current Pokemon Sword and Shield memes will give me a better picture of how “clean” his sound is.

The difference that would work for me would be if these memes were personally made by the band-guys I see share them. It would show their work as creators, and give me a better picture of how much work they put in to even these short, creative jokes that make me forget I have a column due in three hours.


I’d blame it on that, but I don’t have much else to say. Keep putting out, band-guys, just don’t expect me to do the same.

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