SIUC faculty and staff are receiving a long-awaited raise.

Chancellor Austin Lane announced  a 2% salary increase on Friday Sept. 17 at the College of Arts and Media welcome event.

Lane said the 2 % increase was made “possible with stable funds from the state and [faculty and staff] hard work on enrollment.”

Lane thanked the Board of Trustees in an email to SIUC faculty and staff, for approving the 2% salary increase on Sept. 16, 2021. 


Lane said, during his Listening and Learning tour, he learned many SIUC employees had not received a pay raise for several years. 

“We are pleased that Southern Illinois University Carbondale is in a position to be able to provide modest increases to employees’ salaries,” he said. 

 The salary increase only applies to all faculty and staff who were employed at SIUC before May 1, 2021 and remain on the active payroll list up until Oct. 1.

The salary increase will be based on an employee’s salary that is in effect as of Sept. 20. It will  kick in on Oct. 1. 

The salary increases for employees paid with non state funds will be handled the same as employees who are paid through state funding.