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Top video game news of the week Dec. 6

By Grant Meyer l @GrantMeyerDe l Daily Egyptian

December 11, 2015

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' to be a seriesAt the PlayStation Experience press conference on Dec. 6, Square-Enix announced the "Final Fantasy VII" remake will release in multiple entries.The publisher claims the game will be "told acros...

How to try (and fail) surviving ‘Until Dawn’

By Austin Miller, @AMiller_DE

September 2, 2015

Butterflies are usually pretty little bugs decorating little girls’ rooms.However, “Until Dawn” makes butterflies the most terrifying insect in the animal kingdom. Not literal butterflies, but rather the butterfly effec...

Get excited: Final Fantasy VII’s Remake is official

By Grant Meyer l @GrantMeyerDe l Daily Egyptian

June 22, 2015

Each year in June, gaming developers and the media travel to Los Angeles to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. This is the biggest news event in the video game industry and reveals the most important announcement...

‘Hotline Miami 2’ is a blood-soaked tunnel of fun

By Austin Miller, @AMiller_DE

March 16, 2015

Do you like hurting people?One of the most violent games of all time, “Hotline Miami,” first asked that question in 2012, surprising a lot of gamers and becoming a hit.But if people thought it was too violent, “Hotline Miami 2:...

Survival of the unfittest

By Austin Miller, @AMiller_DE

February 16, 2015

Competitive multiplayer games have gotten bogged down by cookie-cutter shooters like “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield.” Every player just wants to jump in the game, kill as many people as possible, not die, then brag to th...

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