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Amina Butt, of Carbondale, shows a series of white flags with sayings on them to her son, Yusef, on April 13, 2017, at Carbondale’s Gaia House. About 25 community members gathered at the Gaia House for a vigil as a sign of solidarity with Syria amid the country’s civil war. Butt is a member of the Carbondale Muslim Center and her father is president of the city’s Interfaith Council, a collaborative group of local religious leaders. Butt said she wanted to bring her children to the vigil to teach them about the world and help them understand the ongoing conflict in Syria. “It puts their blessed life in perspective for them,” she said. (Bill Lukitsch | @lukitsbill)

Photo of the Day: White flags for Syria

By Bill Lukitsch
April 15, 2017
Wisam Aldayyeni, a doctoral student in mechanical and computer engineering from Baghdad; Said Bakkar, a graduate student in physics from Amman, Jordan; Abdulrahman Alowais, a freshman studying aviation technology from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and Tariq Khaaliq, from Carbondale, kneel in silent prayer February 1, 2016, at the Carbondale Muslim Center. “I believe now some of the U.S. citizens believe you’re ISIS if you say you’re Muslim,” Alowais said, “but we have verses in our Holy Quran that say if you kill one person for no reason, you kill all of mankind. If you help someone live, it’s like helping all humans live... In Islam you pray, you ask God for forgiveness, and you go out and try to make people happy.”

Students examine religious misconceptions

By Anna Spoerre, @annaspoerre
February 1, 2016
Here's how ministries are building communities on campus

Here’s how ministries are building communities on campus

By Anna Spoerre, @ASpoerre_DE
August 23, 2015
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