Sigma Gamma Rho celebrates 100 years 

November 17, 2022

To get ready for its 100-year anniversary, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. put on a variety of events throughout the week of Nov. 7, from volunteer opportunities to trivia nights.

Anyea Robinson, the anti-grammateus for Sigma Gamma Rho, said she joined the sorority after seeing how welcoming the environment was..

“I just saw that sisterhood and the bonding and the type of way that they carried themselves. Also, my father is a part of a D9 fraternity Iota Phi Theta, and when I saw him surround himself around likewise women, I looked at myself and I was like, ‘that’s something I want for myself in the future,’” she said.


Robinson said, since Sigma Gamma Rho turned 100 on Nov 12, they had a new member presentation in the Student Center Auditorium. She said introduced the newest members to campus and had a party afterward.

Sigma Gamma Rho put on its first-ever Are You Smarter Than a Poodle contest on Nov. 8 in Guyon Auditorium. There were two teams, team one was made up of audience members and team two was made up of Sigma Gamma Rho members.

The members of team one were Max B, Daniel Blethers, and Natiqua Williams-Sanders. Team two was sorority sisters Naya Shapiro, Britney Mosby, and Briyanna Robinson.

For the first round, Max B and Naya Shapiro went against each other. The categories that were mainly picked were spelling and riddles. Toward the end of the round, a tie-breaker was announced. The tie-breaking question was ‘What is yours, but mostly used by others’. Shapiro answered “your name” to break the tie.

Shapiro, the vice president of Sigma Gamma Rho, said when it came to planning Are You Smarter Than a Poodle, tasks did have to be delegated between members

“We have like about three or four people working on each task together. So, this wasn’t my task to work on,” Shapiro said. “We usually split up the tasks between people like the days so everything can be divided, so it’s not just on everybody.”

She said next year if they do decide to do Are You Smarter Than a Poodle again they could possibly add more questions and categories.


A second round took place, this time between Nautica Williams-Sanders and Britney Mosby. For this round, both contestants choose mainly spelling and math.

Nautica Williams-Sanders, a third-year student said she enjoyed taking part in the game and people who did not come would have liked it a lot..

“People will like just the different categories that they had, the different challenges towards the end when they make the contestants go against each other. I think they’ll probably like that to see if they can beat each other,” she said.

Sigma Gamma Rho was in the lead with two wins against Team one. The third round was between Daniel Blethers and Briyanna Robinson. With this round, Sigma Gamma Rho took the win, “proving” poodles are smarter.

To end the night, a round between all three contestants on team one was held, they went up against each other and the contestants were asked questions from the spelling category. Max B won the round and all of team one members won a Starbucks gift card.


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    Saundra Parker-AllenNov 20, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    Congratulations to my Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority – Psi Chapter sorors for an event well planned and well executed!!!

    Soror Saundra Parker-Allen
    Nu Gamma Sigma Chapter