The Touch of Nature group floats by Oct. 15 2022 at the Homecoming Parade in Carbondale, Ill. (@strangeasangels)
The Touch of Nature group floats by Oct. 15 2022 at the Homecoming Parade in Carbondale, Ill.


Homecoming parade goes off without a hitch 

October 22, 2022

Float along this year’s homecoming parade with The Daily Egyptian as we take you through what some of the fan favorite floats were, where the float builders got their inspiration for the theme, who was in attendance and what some of their favorite memories were here at SIU.

Many people told us they were just happy to get out there, excited to see everyone showing support, staying connected and ready for a good time. This sentiment seemed to be felt throughout the parade with children catching candy, alumni reminiscing and telling stories of their time here with the future generations of Salukis.

The Delta Chi alumni shared with us that this was their first year marching in the parade as the Walking Pharaohs. And for a lot of them, it was also the first time seeing everyone since graduation. 


The theme for this year’s homecoming was the Walk of Fame. Sigma Pi took the idea and ran with it, and it ended up being most of the attendees’ favorite. Their float consisted of a wrestling ring covered in images of famous alumni as well as some of the things they have done, with homage to two former alumni, Bob Odenkirk and Randy Savage boxing it out in the ring. 

Parade goers seemed to love all of the bands that marched, with all the music the bands provided setting the tempo for the entire parade. 

Former band director Matt Bishop, who was with his wife Laura Bishop, said, “We met in grad school and built our life in Carbondale after graduation and now we get to enjoy watching our children continue on as the third generation to have interest in band and seeing them get these opportunities to play.”

When asked about their favorite memory of their time here at SIU, no two people had the same response. Some mentioned parties, some talked about the big wins we have had in sports, and some said it was meeting life-long friends.

Alum Matt Sebalja said, “I think my favorite memory has to be when I first joined Sigma Pi. The brothers showed us the history of the frat and our brothers, and where old Greek Row once stood, and it’s nice to see what all came before, to know you are a part of something bigger.”

That’s really what this whole event is about anyway: getting together with a group of people that all have something in common and celebrating that. It might be that you enjoy sports, are involved with Greek life, that you are alumni or are a current student. We all have one thing in common and that is that we are all Salukis.



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