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Parking Division shifts focus

By Tyler Davis, @TDavis_DE

March 3, 2015

The SIU Parking Division has increased its number of citations given after 4 p.m. and students are not happy about it.Eli Epplin, assistant coordinator of the Parking Division, said the department added a second-shift parking ...

City could face $1 million loss

By Tyler Davis, @TDavis_DE

February 24, 2015

Carbondale citizens may be aware of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s cuts to state funding for SIU, but they may not know the city itself could lose more than $1 million.City Manager Kevin Baity said if Rauner’s proposed budg...

NAACP executive to visit SIU

By Tyler Davis, @TDavis_DE

February 9, 2015

At the age of 21, John Gaskin III became an executive member on the national board for the NAACP. Nearly a year after the record-setting event, Gaskin will be speaking at SIU. The event, "Ferguson and Beyond: Not Just a Momen...

Fee increase improves night transit service

By Ahmad Hicks, @AhicksSports_DE

February 1, 2015

The phone rings at night on the third floor of the Student Center. On one end of the phone is a student wanting a ride home, and on the other, a dispatcher for SIU’s Night Safety Transit—a service provided by student fees...

Western Courier editor suspension adds to list of student censorship

By Tyler Davis, @TDavis_DE

January 27, 2015

Nicholas Stewart got paid then punished.Stewart, a senior at Western Illinois University, was placed on paid administrative leave from his position as editor-in-chief of the Western Courier after he sold a video of a fight on ...

The facts about Frozen Fun

By Tyler Davis | @TDavis_DE, Daily Egyptian

January 21, 2015

Events sponsored by University Housing usually include kiddie games, popcorn and T-shirt giveaways, but rarely do they involve ice skates and green screens.Entertainment Avenue, a Maryland-based firm for fun, provided a 24-by-...

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