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‘Kirby’ is big fun fit for small screen

By Austin Miller, @AMiller_DE

March 2, 2015

Everyone’s favorite pink ball of goo, Kirby, must love Limp Bizkit because he keeps rolling, rolling, rolling in an all-new game.“Kirby and the Rainbow Curse” has the little blob fighting to restore all color to the world after a ...

‘Majora’ is unmasked for a thrilling adventure

By Austin Miller, @AMiller_DE

February 23, 2015

Everyone wants to go on an adventure.People like to escape their boring routines and see something new, which the “Legend of Zelda” franchise has done for more than 20 years.Link, the green-cloaked warrior boy, has fulfill...

Top 10 anticipated games of 2015

By Austin Miller | @AMiller_DE | Daily Egyptian

January 19, 2015

Heading into a new year, gamers are rife with excitement and anticipation. A new year means a new slate of video games. Any problems of last year are forgotten with the hope of new games for everyone to spend money on. These ...

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