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DOD funding explains SIU’s militarized university ranking

By Cory Ray |@coryray_DE |Daily Egyptian

November 14, 2015

While SIU lacks a fleet of tanks, one study shows the university's military ties.A recent study from Vice News ranked SIU as the 23rd most militarized university in the U.S. and said military relations at universities has bee...

Spring graduate assistantship contracts move forward, other positions to be cut

By Cory Ray, @coryray_DE

October 26, 2015

SIUC interim Chancellor Brad Colwell released a statement Monday regarding new temporary measures to tackle the ongoing budget crisis.Colwell must now approve any requests for full-time staff positions."All hiring from any funding source ...

Graduate assistant dies Wednesday

By Luke Nozicka, @LukeNozicka

October 23, 2015

Fiyinfoluwa Onarinde, a graduate student and teaching assistant in English, died Wednesday, SIU's spokesperson Rae Goldsmith said.Goldsmith did not know the cause of Onarinde's death. She said Onarinde, 31, was from Nigeria. This was hi...

Students petition interim chancellor to change debt policy

By Bill Lukitsch, @Bill_LukitschDE

October 21, 2015

Some SIUC students will have to dig deep to pay their debt if they want to enroll in classes in spring.The Bursar’s office announced last semester it would revert to a former policy on registration holds for past-due balances, an...

Undergraduate research funds drop 30 percent

By Cory Ray, @coryray_DE

October 6, 2015

Research comes in many forms, and for the research department, finding ways to fund undergraduate assistants for spring semester may be its next project.The university undergraduate research budget is being trimmed by 30 perc...

Illinois college students caught in the middle of budget standoff

By Koran Addo, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

September 7, 2015

College students in the Metro East area and throughout Illinois should hope the state's elected leaders come together soon to craft a budget.That's because right now, a number of Illinois colleges and universities have agreed to pay the equival...

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