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SIU students plan for sit-ins at chancellor’s office for most of the week

By Daily Egyptian campus desk

April 25, 2016

Students plan to sit-in outside the chancellor's office for an hour Tuesday through Thursday, demanding the university resume a search for a professor who specializes in Africana philosophy and African-American philosophy.Jo...

Like the Oscars, #PhilosophySoWhite

By Myisha Cherry and Eric Schwitzgebel, Los Angeles Times

March 8, 2016

Academic philosophy in the United States has a diversity problem.No other discipline of comparable size in the humanities is as gender-skewed as philosophy. Women still receive only about 28 percent of philosophy Ph.Ds in the United State...

Black women refute physical stereotypes

By Sam Beard, @SamBeard_DE

March 3, 2015

Black History Month came to a close Sunday, and with March begins Women's History Month. Thursday’s event could serve as a transition between the two. The symposium, “ Black Female Bodies: On the Auction Block Again... a...

Ph.D. student talks philosophy and diversity among heroes

By Chase Myers, @chasemyers_DE

February 24, 2015

Marvel Comics and DC Entertainment are releasing a variety of films in the next five years, including Aquaman played by Jason Momoa, a native Hawaiian.Although casting a Polynesian actor as a hero adds some diversity to the world o...

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