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Black Affairs Council: We demand more from SIU’s administration after racist video

By SIU's Black Affairs Council

April 25, 2016

SIU community,The Black Affairs Council is grateful for the prompt response of the administration to the "White is Right" video posted this weekend. We further appreciate its determination to take "appropriate action" to hold those...

Center holds first student listening session in years

By Diamond Jones, Daily Egyptian

April 13, 2016

Students were able to air out concerns about racism on campus Wednesday during a meeting held by the Center for Inclusive Excellence in Guyon Auditorium at Morris Library.Nathan Stephens, director of the Center for Inclusive Excellence...

Like the Oscars, #PhilosophySoWhite

By Myisha Cherry and Eric Schwitzgebel, Los Angeles Times

March 8, 2016

Academic philosophy in the United States has a diversity problem.No other discipline of comparable size in the humanities is as gender-skewed as philosophy. Women still receive only about 28 percent of philosophy Ph.Ds in the United State...

Students ask for course diversity

By Jessica Brown, @BrownJessicaJ

February 25, 2015

The university’s mission statement lists inclusive excellence as one of SIU’s priorities.However, Crystle LaCroix, a senior from North Brookfield, Mass., studying English, said a lack in diverse curriculum and staff contradict t...

Apple diversifies emoji

Apple diversifies emoji

February 24, 2015

Ph.D. student talks philosophy and diversity among heroes

By Chase Myers, @chasemyers_DE

February 24, 2015

Marvel Comics and DC Entertainment are releasing a variety of films in the next five years, including Aquaman played by Jason Momoa, a native Hawaiian.Although casting a Polynesian actor as a hero adds some diversity to the world o...

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