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‘Instant Gratification’ is an appropriately named masterpiece

By Chase Myers, @chasemyers_DE

April 13, 2015

When a band has been around for more than a decade, a consistent lineup cannot always be expected.One California-based post-hardcore band, Dance Gavin Dance, has stood the tests of time with the release of its sixth full-length a...

Kendrick’s sophomore is obscure and poetic

By Chase Myers, @chasemyers_DE

March 18, 2015

The south side Los Angeles gave birth to the publicity of gang violence and police brutality in the 1980s, and has conceived some of the hottest names in hip-hop history.The jagged experiences learned on the streets of Compton...

Drake keeps the world wanting more

By Chase Myers |@chasemyers_DE |Daily Egyptian

March 1, 2015

Little did the world know, a supporting actor for a Canadian teen show would snowball into one of the greatest hip-hop artists of the new millennium. Aubrey “Drake” Graham, a rapper and singer from Toronto, has secured his...

Year in review: Chase’s top 10 albums of 2014

By Chase Myers

December 8, 2014

Every year we are introduced to new social trends in art and pop culture, often becoming symbols for the year they emerge.In the past couple years, the music industry experienced a shift in what is considered “popular” in the ears o...

Top five winter albums to look forward to

By Chase Myers

November 24, 2014

The winter season is the time of year when people tend to abandon their typical playlists and replace them with the holiday sounds of Michael Bublè or the nostalgic voice of Bing Crosby.On the other side of the spectrum, there are...

Foo Fighters stick to their guns on ‘Sonic Highways’

By Chase Myers

November 14, 2014

A band’s success is usually determined by its ability to pump out records and give its fans what they want year after year.When it comes to spending time in the music industry, Dave Grohl is one of the more experienced rock...

You+Me makes acoustic magic in debut

By Chase Myers

October 17, 2014

Alecia Moore, popularly known as P!nk, and Dallas Green from Alexisonfire,   have teamed up under the name You+Me.The collaboration released its debut album “rose ave.” Tuesday.The first track of the album titled “Capsized...

Emarosa ends four-year hiatus with ‘Versus’

By Chase Myers

September 9, 2014

When a band drops a vocalist, it could be because of internal or external reasons. When that happens, fans tend to worry, like in the case of David Lee Roth’s departure from Van Halen in 1985.Post-hardcore band Emarosa from Le...

Dirty Loops uses old and new influences

By Chase Myers

August 25, 2014

Sometimes radio play can wear out a song, so when a band comes along, takes an already popular song and re-works it, it can be refreshing.Since 2008, Swedish jazz-fusion trio Dirty Loops have been enlightening the music world with its unort...

Albarn sparks social message through ‘Robots’

By Kyle Sutton

May 1, 2014

Through the course of music history there have been numerous accounts of artists taking their acts solo, to differing success.English singer/songwriter and pop icon Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz did just that recently with the...

Reviews: Elephant’s ‘Swimming,’ Incident’s ‘Head’

By Jake Saunder

April 29, 2014

Elephant: ‘Sky Swimming’The melodies rise, paced and strong yet delicate, in a finely crafted tone. An echoing mezzo-soprano joins in.When the vocals and instrumentation drift together, the music plays out with synthesizer, whi...

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