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Mandy Rothert, lab manager at the Fermentation Science Institute at SIU, describes testing sanitizers for impurities in the Fermentation Science Lab Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. “This is where we were testing some commercial hand sanitizer and we were [looking for] any of the byproducts, the impurities, in the ethanol, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed how some hand sanitizers smell like bad tequila, so that’s all of those byproducts in there that we don’t want,” Rothert said, “we use this to measure the alcohol percentage to make sure that we were at 80 percent.”

SIU professors contribute to COVID-19 research

By Janae Mosby, Staff Reporter
November 1, 2020
Four LGBTQ heroes who made history

Four LGBTQ heroes who made history

By Amber Koteras, Staff Reporter
October 22, 2020
Chastity Mays, Nancy Maxwell, Emerald Avril and Elise Grabowska lead the march during a protest against the grand jury decision for the Breonna Taylor case on September 25, 2020, in Carbondale, ILL.

A ‘fight for freedom:’ Carbondale community marches in honor of Breonna Taylor

By Jamilah Lewis, Keaton Yates, Staff Reporters
September 26, 2020
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