City Council to discuss purchases

By Sarah Schneider

 Budget includes rough terrain  vehicles, safety equipment

While it doesn’t happen often, the Carbondale Police Department has to be prepared to control a rowdy crowd. And the equipment on hand is outdated and needs to be replaced.

The City Council will vote on an ordinance during the Wednesday meeting to increase the department’s budget by $22,000 in order to purchase new equipment.


“The (Personal Protective Equipment) required has changed greatly over the years and the current equipment owned by the city does not adequately meet the needs to properly protect the officers and serve the public,” the proposal states. “Additionally, the Police Department has expanded over the years and at this time there is not enough equipment for every officer.”

The new equipment will be fitted to each officer, providing better protection.

“One size fits all simply doesn’t provide an officer with the level of personal protection necessary to prevent injury,” the proposal states.

The council will also consider increasing the budgeted amount to purchase a Rough Terrain Utility Vehicle for the Municipal Rental Properties Division of the Public Works Department. The department was budgeted for $19,500 but the bid from Heartland Kubota in Carterville exceeds the amount by $733.

The RTV will replace the city’s existing vehicle that plows snow as well as maintains grounds and equipment around the city.

The city has also been requested to award a contract to install an industrial spray on liner system to the Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant. Waste from residential and industrial sources goes through the aging plant. City staff has determined the walls of several concrete structures in the plant are deteriorating and need a protective coating.

The Wastewater plant will use $68,000 from its operating budget, to cover the $67,100 bid from Spectra Tech, Inc. in Noblesville, Ind.