The Buck stops here: Buck Angel coming to SIU

By Juniper Oxford, Staff reporter

Buck Angel will be coming to Southern Illinois University on Oct. 30 to give a presentation and talk with students. The presentation will be the main event of LGBTQ History Month at the university.

Alongside Senate Historian Betty Koed and animal scientist Temple Grandin, among other speakers, Angel will be a prime addition to the list of special guest speakers that have already given speeches this year on SIU’s campus. 

Angel is a motivational speaker and advocate for the trans community who rose to fame in the adult film industry. Angel, a trans male, gave representation to an underrepresented group within the industry. 


The impact of his representation was realized, and he moved into educational presentations about sexuality and gender. A catchphrase of Angel’s is “It’s not what’s between your legs that defines you.” 

According to his website, “Buck Angel’s message of empowerment through self-acceptance and encouragement of everyone to be comfortable in their own skin has struck a passionate chord with people around the world.” 

Vern Cooper, the LGBTQ Resource Center coordinator at SIU, said wellness, empowerment and self-acceptance will likely be talked about at the event. 

Cooper said Angel is especially interested in coming to Carbondale because of the work of LGBTQ advocacy groups, in conjunction with local leaders, in making the city a more inclusive environment. 

“It is going to be a little more intimate than purely academic, but it is going to be largely educational,” Cooper said. “Even if he were just talking about his experiences, that would still be educational.” 

Kamil Rizvi, a freshman music major, said he is excited about Angel coming to campus. Rizvi said he is looking forward to what Angel has to say. 

Angel served on the Woodhull Freedom Foundation Board of Directors. The WFF is a nonprofit organization that advocates sexual freedom as a basic human right. 


The event will be on Oct. 30 and will start at 7 p.m. in Student Center Ballroom D. It will be free admission, and there will be free refreshments.

Staff reporter Juniper Oxford can be reached by email at [email protected].

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