Eros and the Eschaton play PK’s despite road woes

By Dylan Frost


Even while battling the stresses and woes from a 3-month tour, Eros and the Eschaton performed at PK’s Sunday evening, offering a soothing to gritty dose of dream pop and shoegaze music.

The duo of Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins have a touring story unique to most musicians: They bring their 2-year-old son Leo with them.


Perdoni and Hawkins met in Omaha, Neb. while performing in separate bands. They fell in love, had Leo, and embarked on a 3-month tour in a motor home while taking care of their son. While one was performing in their solo project, the other one was watching Leo. They would switch roles from parent to musician and vice- versa.

“It’s like a really intense family vacation,” Hawkins said. “It’s great to be around him all the time.”

Perdoni said even though touring is hard work, it is ultimately rewarding.

“Not only are we raising a kid, which is like the most fun experience ever, we’re also playing in a band, which is the other most fun experience ever,” he said.

Eventually the family moved to Greensboro, N.C. where they assembled a do-it-yourself studio and begun recording singles as Eros and the Eschaton. Bar/None Records picked up what the band was doing, which lead to the recording of the bands’ debut album, “Home Address For Civil War.”

The two were obviously weary from being on the road as they arrived to PK’s and began unloading a sophisticated collection of instruments. Hawkins had to take a nap in the van before performing, perhaps as the result of a Saturday evening performance in Memphis followed by a three-and-a-half-hour drive to Carbondale.

Despite the fatigue, Eros and the Eschaton played sweet and dreamy songs nostalgic to ‘90s shoegaze and noise rock bands such as Yo La Tengo, Lilys and Slowdive.

The duo takes turns playing the drums, guitar and a plethora of keyboards/synths, often playing multiple instruments during a single song. There are often tone bends during heavy guitar riffs, creating a droning tune that is complemented by pulsating keyboard melodies and pushed back vocals that are almost sung in a whisper.

“Give me one good thing to go back to and I’ll do it/Give me ten good seconds of countdown and I’ll do it/Cause I don’t want to live my life being careful all the time/Give me seven sharp blades and a front door, I will do it,” the two sing in unison during “20 Different Days.”

The song picks up into a distorted and whirring guitar part that is layered with a gentle keyboard melody very reminiscent to “Loomer” by My Bloody Valentine.

This is the theme of most of their songs: sweet in spirit and at the heart, but also often loud and tenacious in sound. In a way, it describes the journey of Hawkins and Perdoni – parents and musicians in love who endure the obstacles and distractions on the road in order to fulfill a dream.

Eros and the Eschaton will play fewer shows in the final weeks of the tour as they work to gather their personal belongings that have been scattered across the country. Eventually Hawkins and Perdoni will hunker down in Colorado for a few months to record new music leading into a spring tour when they go to Austin, Texas to play in the South by Southwest music festival.

Eros and the Eschaton’s literal translation means “love and the end of the world.” Hopefully their love for music and each other will keep their endearing little world of dedication and dreamy music together, because they have serious potential.

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