Spring 2019: SIU Carbondale on-campus enrollment drops under 10,000


Brian Munoz | @BrianMMunoz

Pulliam Hall is reflected in a puddle on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019, outside of Pulliam Hall in Carbondale, Illinois.

By Staff Report, News Desk

SIU Carbondale’s total spring enrollment is down 11.63 percent – or 1552 students – compared to Spring 2018 enrollment.

“SIU spring enrollment aligns with fall as is typical,” university spokeswoman Rae Goldsmith said. “The percentage is slightly better than fall’s decline of 11.96 percent.”

Goldsmith said percentage changes from spring to fall are always fairly close, because most new students start in fall and continue in spring. She said the 11.63 percent decline is not an additional decline but simply reflects Fall’s enrollment numbers.


“Total spring enrollment is always lower than fall in part because some students graduate in December,” Goldsmith said.

There were 1,253 graduates during the Fall 2018 semester, according to data retrieved from the SIU Registrar’s Office and provided by Jennifer DeHaemers, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management.

9,770 students are taking classes on the Carbondale campus in the Spring 2019 semester, according to data provided by DeHaemers. 10,698 students were enrolled on-campus during the Fall 2018 semester.

On-campus enrollment looks at the amount of students taking classes at the Carbondale campus. Total enrollment looks at students enrolled on the Carbondale campus as well as students taking classes online and in remote locations, such as military bases.

On-campus students for the Spring 19 semester, are broken down into 7,089 undergraduate students, 2,092 graduate students, 257 law students, 286 medical students and 46 students who are unclassified, which are generally not degree seeking, according to the data.

Enrollment has seen a decline in the recent past, 12,632 students enrolled in on-campus classes during the Spring 2017 semester and 11,288 students enrolled on-campus during the Spring 2018 semester.

Comparatively, 12,617 students are taking classes on the Edwardsville campus this semester, according to data provided by Doug Mcllhaga, SIUE spokesman.


SIU Edwardsville saw a 2.7 percent decline, or a decline of 359 students, in on-campus student enrollment compared to the Spring 2018 semester.

“The overall enrollment decline is due to the cumulative effect of enrolling 15 percent fewer new Illinois freshmen and 15 percent fewer Illinois transfers since achieving record overall enrollment in fall 2015,” said Scott Belobrajdic, SIUE associate vice chancellor for enrollment management.

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