Submit your story: SIUC Sexual Harassment and Assault

The Daily Egyptian is looking into incidents of sexual harassment or assault at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This information will be used to identify trends or patterns, if applicable, of harassment and assault at the university and to be used by The Daily Egyptian.

We will leave the definition of harassment and assault open – you may share whatever you believe merits inclusion.

The Daily Egyptian supports your right and desire to NOT share your story if you prefer not to. Please refrain from telling other people’s stories – this may further victimize the victim by giving details that are identifiable.

We are offering multiple ways to speak to our team whether it is by filling out this form or meeting in person. If you would like to speak to someone in person, please email [email protected]. If you would like to share your story but remain anonymous, that can be arranged with our team.

Please fill out only the boxes you feel comfortable filling out.

Thank you for participating. Feel free to share this within your social networks. This survey is a modified-version of of a survey conducted by Dr. Karen Kelsky, former professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and University of Oregon.

This survey does not serve as a disciplinary measure – it is used to collect data and information about harassment and assault on campus. If you have experienced an incident, please report it to SIU’s Title IX office or to local law enforcement.