Liquor commission reviews first quarter report

By Sarah Schneider

The continued increase in the number of violatoins by three area bars has the Carbondale Liquor Control Commission concerned.

A quartlery report tracks all liquor license citations from July 1 to Sept. 30. Three Carbondale bars had nearly 40 violations each during the most recent quarter. However, the report said in some instances multiple citations were issued to one individual.

Cali’s and Saluki Bar received 51 citations during the first quarter. Last year the bars received just three citations during the same time period.


Mayor Joel Fritzler said he was concerned because the owner of Cali’s, Saluki Bar and Stix came before the council after the last quarterly report and said the problems would be fixed.

“This is totally unacceptable, especially when they have come before us and said they would work on it,” Fritzler said.

Stix had 39 citations, up from 12 last year when the bar was closed for an extended period of time.

Councilman Jessica Bradshaw said the high numbers concerned her and pointed out that one citation of underage possession at Cali’s was given to a 17 year old.

Unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, patrons must be 19 years of age to enter a bar in Carbondale.

In August, one 18 year old was ticketed at Stix for underage possession at the bar and in September, five 18 year olds received the same citation.

Pinch Penny Pub received 45 citations during the quarter. Two of the 23 underage possession citations at the bar in September were to 18 year olds.


Four of the 29 underage possession citations at Cali’s and Saluki Bar in August were to 18 year olds.

There were 16 total violations at Sidetracks, down from 42 the previous year.

Hangar 9 had 1 underage drinking citation during the first quarter.

Fritzler pointed out that the bar uses wristbands, which are easily identifiable. Councilwoman Jane Adams said an ordinance requiring wristbands is something the city could address.

“(The number of citations) needs to be addressed,” Adams said. “The others were high but they weren’t higher than in the past. Cali’s just skyrocketed.”

The Carbondale Liquor Control Commission also unanimously approved two liquor licenses at the Tuesday meeting.

An A2 license was given to Flame Eatery and Wine Bar on East Walnut Street and an A1 license was given to Melange Café on South Illinois Avenue.