USG allocates for fiscal year 2015

By Luke Nozicka

The Undergraduate Student Government approved every allocation for umbrella organizations for the first period of fiscal year 2015 at its Tuesday meeting.

Umbrella organizations are groups that oversee numerous other, smaller groups. The Senate did not debate the umbrella organization allocations.

USG also allocated money to two non-umbrella organizations and approved the SIU Mycology Club as a Registered Student Organization.


Treasurer Cameron Shulak, a junior from Louisville, Ky., studying aviation flight and aviation management, said $12,000 will roll over to the next fiscal year.

President Adrian Miller said the Graduate and Professional Student Council asked USG’s opinion on its newly proposed grading system, which was sent to Dean of Students Katie Sermersheim.

Miller said the current policy only allows graduate students to get solid grades, A’s or B’s, without pluses and minuses. The new policy would allow for pluses and minuses for final grades.

Shulak said the proposed policy is not as harsh as the current grading system for undergraduate students.

Sen. Chris Wheetley said he does not care for the system.

“Me personally, my GPA would be lower,” Wheetley said. “For A students, having [a] more lenient A, [a] tradition ranging from 90 percent to 100 percent, and any of that being a 4.0, I think it would be easier to maintain that grade.”

Miller said he was happy many students voted on Desire2Learn April 9 and 10 for USG president and student trustee on the SIU Board of Trustees.


“The University of Illinois, who has 42,000 students had 3,000 people vote for their student government elections,” he said. “We had, what, 2,000 plus students vote.”

The Senate’s last meeting of this semester is April 29, where it will vote on the proposed USG constitution and name change.