Salukis compete against themselves

By Aaron Graff

The Saluki swimming team hosted two meets this weekend, but was the only team competing.

The University of Evansville and Illinois State University have attended the Saluki Miler and the Saluki Open Water meets in previous years. This year they did not attend because they wanted to save the money for other events this year.

“Next year they’ll probably come back,” Saluki coach Rick Walker said. “This year both of them had other things they were trying to do. In order to do those other things, they had to cut out something.”


Despite being a one-team competition, it was just as physically demanding on the swimmers, Walker said

“There was just as much intensity in our swim amongst ourselves as there has been with other teams in there,” Walker said.

Freshman Bryn Handley won the 1,650-yard freestyle on the women’s side with a time of 17:21.94 ; While freshman Michael Wolfe won the 1,650-yard freestyle in the men’s division with a time of 16:08.7

“It has been many years since we’ve been able to fill up an event like the 1,650 with potential 1,650 swimmers,” Walker said. “We did that both on the men and the women.”

Handley also won the 400- yard IM with a time of 4:37.08. Sophomore Andre Brihante won the 400-yard IM on the men’s side with a time of 4:08.12.

“We also had quite a few 400- yard IM-ers for the men. The 400-yard IM continues to be a challenge for us on the women’s side, but we’re much stronger in many areas where we have been weak before. I found that very encouraging.”

Handley finished second in the 5K open water race, eight seconds behind her roommate freshman Kelsie Walker, who finished with a time of 56:42.

Brihante and Wolfe tied the 5K open water swim with a time of 54:59.

The Salukis have their first meet against another team Saturday at the University of Evansville. The divers will compete on Friday to save time.

“We’re still working our way into the season,” Walker said. “It’s still very early. I’m kind of anxious to see how they come out.”

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