Hangar 9 introduces Local Thursdays

Hangar 9 introduces Local Thursdays

By Chase Myers

For most musicians, fame and fortune is not gained overnight. Most get their start by playing locally.

Hangar 9 notices the importance of the local music scene in Carbondale and introduced Local Thursdays, giving musicians in the area a chance to perform live.

With large bands coming to town on the weekends, local bands don’t always have the opportunity to play shows in the area, said Caylan Hill, event manager for Hangar.


“Weekends get filled up quick with touring artists,” Hill said. “It leaves less room for local artists.”

Hill said musicians are constantly moving their influences into southern Illinois because of the eclectic music scene and group of people in the area.

“We did not want to squeeze out local artists. That’s not what we are about at all. We are about embracing them and providing a platform for them,” he said. “The artists here are very driven … they’re always looking to play.”

Hill said the venue not only wants to emphasize local music, but local culture and products as well, including specials on locally brewed beer.

“The idea is that you are in here listening to a local band, drinking a local beer,” he said. “Carbondale is on the forefront of the evening.”

Hangar 9 welcomed local bands Dam Dams, Scatter Brain Jane and Fabulous Decline as performing acts on the maiden voyage of the event.

Melodic rock band Fabulous Decline reached out to Hangar 9 about playing a live show early in the fall and Local Thursdays provided the perfect opportunity, Hill said.


Fabulous Decline has played several shows at venues in Carbondale such as Curbside and PK’s, but this was its first show at Hangar 9, lead vocalist Adam Morton said.

“I think [Local Thursdays] are excellent,” Morton said. “We’ve been trying to get a show here … I’m glad to finally be able to actually bring some people in and play.”

Morton said there is a lot of blues, jam and Americana music in the scene. Fabulous Decline is bringing a different flavor that was not previously abundant, which is traditional rock and roll.

“The scene around here, I see, is based around revivals of different kinds of music,” Morton said. “If you are an eclectic listener, then a show with two or three bands is great.”

The fall is looking pretty busy for the band. They have several live shows planned in the Carbondale area as well as a six-song debut album due to release in the near future, along with some video work, Morton said.

“We try and play Carbondale at least once a month, because right now we are trying to build a fan base,” he said. “We don’t mind walking away with empty pockets as long as we have a lot of people there to hear us.”

Hill said to expect Local Thursdays once a month at Hangar for most of the fall semester, sometimes two depending on how many Thursdays are available, with no cover charge.

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