Bardo familiarizes himself with athletics

Bardo familiarizes himself with athletics

By Aaron Graff @Aarongraff_DE, Daily Egyptian

For the first time in nine years, a new SIU athletic director is assuming the responsibility.

Interim Athletic Director Harold Bardo began his duties Jan. 1. Former Athletic Director Mario Moccia was hired for the same position at his alma mater New Mexico State University.

“[Bardo is] a tremendous selection,” Moccia said. “He’s capable of doing the job as long as the university needs him to, until they find a permanent director.”



Bardo retired as the director of the SIU Carbondale medical and Dental Education Preparatory Program. He also spent 15 years as the faculty representative in the athletic department and previously served as interim athletic director from 1999 to 2000.

Bardo said he has been reacquainting himself with people he worked with in the athletic department and meeting new people.

He said Moccia left him with a to-do-list of things he did not finish, but he did not go into specifics.

Bardo said he will stay retired and would not accept the position if it were offered to him.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to be there,” Bardo said. “My long-term goals and my short-term goals are to have the athletic department in as good of condition as we can have it, in order to attract the most viable candidate.”

Bardo said SIU President Randy Dunn told him once the semester starts, he would formulate a plan about how the university will choose its next athletic director.

“I’m happy to be of service,” Bardo said. “I’m glad people think I can hold on to this position until we can get a new person appointed.”

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