Hans Predator keeps rock alive at Hangar 9

Hans Predator keeps rock alive at Hangar 9

By Anaïs Engler, @Anaisengler

Rock lovers who appreciate the sound of the electric guitar and noisy drums will be pleased to learn a local band is appealing to their taste.

Hans Predator, a band composed of three local rock lovers will play their first headlining concert Feb. 28 at Hangar 9.

Dylan Frost, an SIU alumnus, plays guitar, Marcus Larpin plays drums and Evan Neuman plays guitar and is the main vocalist. They all met one another four years ago and decided to create Hans Predator last year. 



For them, the basement rock band was a way to play rock in a town where the bluegrass and country genres are dominant.

“We were sick of the old music from here,” Larpin said. “We wanted to keep the rock ’n’ roll alive.”

Interested in music since childhood, the three learned how to play their current instruments by themselves. Their musical careers began years ago in other bands.

The band’s influences include ‘60s rock, garage rock, surf rock and modern music as well, Neuman said.

“The creation is now a group effort, for the melody as well as for the lyrics, but it is more random thoughts, whatever comes into our mind,” he said.

The band approaches recording in a do-it-yourself manner, which is also visible in their videos.

They have self-recorded one EP, which features mostly songs by Neuman.  A second will be coming soon with new songs written by the other band members.

“We are still working on some logistical issues like time and money,“ Frost said. “Even so, we will record it on our own again and release it online.”

Their first video, directed by David Martin, a senior from Marion studying cinema and photography, was released last month.

“If it does not make sense it is because it is not supposed to,” Larpin said.

Larpin said another video is underway and will be recorded this summer. 

The three said they are ambitious to keep the band going. 

“We already have people liking our Facebook page in France, even a French musical blogger talked about us,” Frost said. “It is a first step.”

Frost said the success is unexpected but pleasant.

“I am humbled by the reaction of people, sometimes it is even overwhelming,” said Frost. “I do not know what to answer to it, I am not used to it,” said Frost.

Neuman said the band has played several times at Hangar 9 in the past months, which they appreciate, but they prefer the small venues, like basements and house parties. 

“It is not the same energy,” he said. “In basements it is easier to get intimate with people… and to get beer on our equipment.”

The band will be playing new music this weekend.

“For us, live is important, we try to keep the people energized”, said Frost.

Tickers are $5 and doors will open at 9 p.m. Mouth Reader, a band from Murfreesboro, Tenn., will start the show at 10 p.m. 

Anaïs Engler can be reached at [email protected]