Opinion: Daily Egyptian has new platform, but same reporting values


(Jacob Wiegand | @JacobWiegand_DE)

By Luke Nozicka

The Daily Egyptian will no longer print daily.

The printed newspaper will now appear in the racks on Wednesdays, which will begin to feature more lengthy, magazine-style stories.

But at the end of the day, this change will be beneficial to you, our readers, because we are shifting our focus to DailyEgyptian.com.


For nearly a century, the student-led newspaper has provided hard-hitting reporting and insight into how the SIU and Carbondale communities function, helping readers understand the issues affecting them.

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Award-winning staffs of the past have broken critical stories, and as we shift our focus to the website and mobile platforms, that reporting will not change, nor will our traditional beats.

DailyEgyptian.com reporters will be found at each SIU Board of Trustees, Graduate and Professional Student Council and Undergraduate Student Government meetings this semester. They will still be found at nearly every sporting event, talking with players and coaches to give you exclusive access to Saluki Athletics.

They will still call university administrators during evening hours to ask important questions needed answered by SIU students and faculty. But now, we’ll try to do it faster, with the incorporation of video and motion graphics.

Our editors can now focus more on what we cover and how we deliver it to your cell phone, via Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. In the last week, DailyEgpytian.com has published dozens of stories, garnering thousands of page views and engaging with hundreds of SIU students.

And while we’ve upgraded to a new site and installed Parse.ly — a web analytics tracking system to tell us who is reading what, and when — we will also keep the print edition fresh.


Each week will feature an in-depth cover story, profiling an intriguing person in the region or breaking down a complex issue SIU students care about.

While we have changed our print publication, we aim to continue providing the same level of commitment to our readers.

Stay tuned for more improvements to our website as we move our concentration to reporting daily online.

Editor-in-Chief Luke Nozicka can be reached at 618-536-3397[email protected]dailyegyptian.com or on Twitter @lukenozicka

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