Tina Chappell, 49, who has been homeless on and off for four years, said it is difficult for some homeless people to get back on their feet in 30 days, the maximum time an individual is allowed to stay in Good Samaritan Ministries’ emergency shelter. “You need more than 30 days and a two week extension, then they put you out,” she said. “If you can’t get into another shelter… you are then on the street.” This is Chappell’s biggest fear. “I don’t want to die here on the streets,” she said. “I’m not ready to die.” Chappell, who has not seen her children in four years because they are in a foster home, said there is a difference between pan handling and begging for money. “I’m not on my knees begging you for things,” she said. “That’s called survival. That kept me and my husband off the street.”