Nathaniel Delaney, 55, of Mississippi, cannot leave the state until his parole is up in the coming month. Delaney, who served a two-year prison sentence for fraud, has been living at the shelter for a couple weeks. He owns two houses in Mississippi, which he shares with his younger sister in one home and his fiancé in the other. He waits for the day that he can join his fiancé and child on the way. “You know, going through these times and things going on in the world that we can’t change; we try to make it better. I’ve learned a lot from that,” Delaney said. “I need to start using it.” “A lot of [students] are humble. They know what we are going through. They are going through things too trying to get an education and everything… Some people look at you like just a loser, you ain’t about nothing. But it ain’t like that, you’re not suppose to look at people like that. Even if you down and they up. Cause it could have been you, it could have been the other way around.” – Nathaniel Delaney