String of auto thefts hit Carbondale

By Tyler Davis, @TDavis_DE

Five vehicles on the east side of the city were stolen in a 24-hour period starting Monday night, according to the Carbondale Police Department.

Sgt. Corey Kemp said three motorcycles and two vans were stolen, and the vans were recovered in St. Louis after being set on fire and abandoned. 

The vans were taken from the 1200 block of East Grand Avenue, two of the motorcycles were taken from Aspen Court Apartments and the other motorcycle was taken from the 600 block of East Park Street.


Nick Williams, a junior from Steger studying civil engineering, said his bike was stolen from outside his Aspen apartment Monday. 

“It happened within a two hour span of me leaving and me coming home,” he said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

He said he came home from Morris Library and his 2008 Kawasaki DX10 was gone. 

Williams said he has been trying to get in contact with CPD to get updates about the investigation but has received no reply.

His bike was covered for liability insurance so his provider, Progressive, will not cover any costs for the $6,700 bike.

“I lost almost $7,000,” he said. “Progressive said I was like the fifth person who reported a stolen [vehicle].”

Kemp said CPD is working with the St. Louis Auto Theft task force to follow all possible leads on the thefts.


This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 

Aidan Osborne contributed to this report.