CD- SWV, Release Some Tension

By Gus Bode

It took them awhile, but Sisters with Voices finally released their new album, Release Some Tension, this month. Surprisingly, following the trend with an array of artists featured on their album does plenty for the group’s third album.

Keeping up with the changing sounds of the time, SWV, like many in the music industry, has a song produced by Sean Puffy Combs. Someone is a dance-groove that is impeded by Puffy’s drawn-out rap verses, which take up most of the song, leaving SWV to sing only a few lines of lengthy chorus.

The title track, Release Some Tension, with rapper Foxy Brown is one of best on the album. For once, the rapper rhymes to match the flow of the song, and SWV does a remarkable job of harmonizing on this smooth, mellow track.



Included on the album is Can We with rapper Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, which was released earlier this year by the group. On this up-tempo track, the group gets a bit loose, Can we get kinky tonight/I got so many things on my mind/I never seen a guy so fine/I like it when you do me/do me.

And Missy, for once, manages to not become nerve-wrecking with her energetic rhymes, Yes, I got the feeling/feel me flow/don’t ask me if I’m nasty/freaky deaky/see ya’ll can’t see me.

The few songs that SWV handle with only their vocals are pleasantly refreshing. On their own, their voices shine through, especially on slower tracks such as When You Cry, Here For You and Rain.

Although two-thirds of the album is comprised of other artists, the voices of SWV remain strong throughout the album.