City Council approves marketing plan

By Gus Bode

Marketing firm’s plans for helping Carbondale’s image approved with 3-2 vote

After a year of planning and two hours of discussion on Wednesday night, the Carbondale City Council approved a marketing plan geared toward improving the city’s image and boosting the local business.

The plans, which are still preliminary, were formulated by Noteworthy Communication, a marketing company in Carbondale. The plans focus on building community pride, encouraging new businesses, attracting people to the city, and assisting SIUC with student growth and retention.


City council members discussed the plans at length, with some objections from Councilmen Brad Cole and Mike Neill, who voted against the plan, and the remaining council members voting in its favor.

The plans might possibly incorporate the slogan city of education into promotional materials, and stress the importance of SIUC to the community, said Todd Freeman, president of Noteworthy Communication.

Cole said the plan’s intent is good, but he had reservations about the lack of direct involvement with the University, something he had hoped for when planning for the marketing strategy.

Neill said he would be more inclined to look for finding the people who want what Carbondale has to offer instead of defining the city to the population.

City Manager Jeff Doherty stressed that the marketing firm’s plans are preliminary and open to change. The council will be responsible for approving the funding of various items the marketing company will use in its strategy.

It’s not like a blank check, Doherty said.

Doherty said hiring a local company will help ensure their motivation in improving Carbondale’s reputation.


They’re a Carbondale company and they have a business here, he said. They have a good stake in the success of the effort.

After the vote, Freeman said he understands concerns and questions council members made and stressed that he wants to work with the city.

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