Zoso brings Zeppelin style to Carbondale bar

By Gus Bode

Factoid:For more information on Zoso, the band can be reached online at www.zosoontour.com.

The rock n’ roll superpower that was Led Zeppelin is but a memory. A whole generation of fans has grown up having never seen the band, but has continued to follow the band through its timeless recordings.

Now, fans of Led Zeppelin’s music have a chance to partake in an event that encompasses the entire band’s career when Zoso, a Zeppelin tribute band, plays at 10 p.m. Friday at Sidetracks Bar and Grill.


Zoso began in February of 1995 in Los Angeles, Calif. Band members include:Matt Edwards on vocals; John McDaniels on lead guitar; Adam Sandling on keyboards and bass guitar; and Greg Thompson on drums. Each member of Zoso corresponds almost exactly to his respective member of Led Zeppelin, both in sound and visual appeal.

Since its inception, the band has garnered much acclaim as a tribute band, especially in California, where the band received an award from Rockcity News as the best tribute act in the state.

A review of Zoso in Rockcity News stated:”Zoso rocks you through a time warp right back to the ’70s. You will swear you are front row center watching the original masters themselves!”

Zoso has been on countless tours across the United States, including five shows at Sidetracks Bar and Grill. Sidetracks entertainment coordinator Josh Haynes said Zoso has always put on an outstanding show and received a positive response from the crowds.

Thursday night at Sidetracks, Led Zeppelin fans will be given a chance to rekindle some of their fond memories, and a new generation of fans will have a chance to hear the closest thing to the original Led Zeppelin live.

“If you get a couple of beers in you, you might actually think it’s the real Led Zeppelin standing there in front of you,” Haynes said.

Reporter Jared DuBach can be reached at [email protected]