More people turn to spa for relaxation

By Gus Bode

The Egyptian Revival Day Spa and Wellness Center is getting more and more people

The outside of The Egyptian Revival Day Spa and Wellness Center is adorned by big statues and landscaping. Two statue dogs sitting on each side of the doors greet incoming visitors.

The interior is packed full of Egyptian memorabilia from fans to rugs that have the sole purpose of looking good.


A 3-foot leather camel stands next to the waiting chairs and the glass decorations surrounding some plants.

Upstairs, the room is packed full of the decorations with art-like landscape paintings of Egypt and collages of golden Egyptian fans and pictures.

The full-service salon is where people can get their hair cut or groomed to any style. Right beside the salon on the left, sheets drape over to where no one can see what is going on. The Egyptian scenery looks as if they had gotten props from the movie the “Mummy.”

“It’s the fountain of youth,” said 61-year-old Tom Bleyer of Marion. He was dressed in a bright Hawaiian shirt, some chinos and lots of gold chains around his neck.

“Sherry is the best,” Bleyer said.

“I am,” said Sherry Smith, a stylist for the spa from Marion. “I do a little bit of everything.”

Inside the room sit two black leather chairs meant for pedicures. The chairs are heated, and there is a little tub by the feet that shoot out jets of water.


People get to pick from three foot fragrances:Cleopatra Milk Bath, Grapefruit Extract and Peppermint Scrubs.

In the small Cairo Room, lights are dim so the customers can relax in a nice environment.

“This is where we give the back massages and any other kind of massages,” Vick said.

The Giza Room is where they conduct facials, which means exfoliating the skin by various methods.

“We’re all about relieving stress,” Vick said. “Just because it’s a facial, we are going to do the best we can to make you relax.”

The room Ra’s Body Bronzing Experience sounds like an infomercial, but it is really a shower of color. The person gets into this big shower and it sprays a bronzing formula all over the body to make one look tan.

“It’s good for big events like weddings and proms,” said Jami Taylor, a secretary at the spa from Marion. “You’ll just go in there a couple times, and then it looks like you’ve been in the sun for days.”

The Sacred Lotus Water Garden is outside, and is meant to relax everyone with the sound of water. Just across the garden at the Nubian Shower Room, seven showerhead sprays are used to massage the person with the power of water.

Nile’s End Hydrotherapy Room comforts people with its pulsation of water while they lie in a huge bath tube.

Even the bathrooms are named “Tutancomon” for the men and “Nefertiti” for the women.

Vick said the Egyptians used massage and wellness in their everyday lives.

“It’s taken off more than we would ever expect,” Taylor said. “People anywhere from 18 through 85 come here.”

Reporter J.D. Wright can be reached at [email protected]