Poster_26_at, Tack This on Your Wall

By Gus Bode

Posters are a must for dorm rooms and apartments and students turn out the cash

Poster World, a new store downtown, caters to students who want to decorate their new spaces. It also offered up some competition for the annual poster sale in the Student Center.

“It’s not as busy as last year,” said Karen Krinsky a worker for the traveling poster sale event that went on last week. “It’s been moderate. A lot of people don’t know we’re here and it’s a big campus.”


Poster World, 632 East Walnut, opened its doors last week in preparation for students. The store offers imported posters, videos and movie scripts in addition to a large array of posters.

“It’s been doing really well,” said Wayne Goodbar, a student at John A. Logan College and employee at Poster World. “Originally this space was bought for inventory.”

The store is an extension of a larger company. Poster World was originally a traveling poster sale like the one in the Student Center catering instead to malls. The majority of business is from people in major cities and the website according to Goodbar.

Jason B. Smith, a major in pre-pharmacy from Hazel Dell, bought posters at both locations.

“I liked Poster World better,” Smith said. “It had a bigger selection and better posters.”

Melissa Roth, an interior design student, bought her posters at the Student Center.

“They have a really good selection and it was decently priced,” Roth said. “It’s convenient because it’s right here on campus, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere to get posters.”


The Student Center poster sale has modest prices because they don’t have to pay rent on any spaces and they buy posters in large quantities, according to Krinsky.

The traveling poster sale holds contracts with 100 universities east of the Mississippi River.

Scarface posters are a favorite at both locations. Incubus and Dave Mathews Band posters are hot sellers at Poster World. The poster sale in the Student Center sold out of its Vin Diesel posters and also moved a lot of Nelly and Wrigley Field posters.

Poster World has been selling its posters out of the display cases to keep up with the demand. They are planning on selling frames as well as increasing the in-store inventory and the selection of art print posters.

“If we don’t have it, we can get it,” Goodbar said. “If they make it, we can get it.”

Reporter Arin Thompson can be reached at [email protected]