Dedicated to the men, women and children who we lost on Sept. 11, 2001

By Gus Bode

The Crisis … to be continued

As the night stalks the earth I hear silent whispers,

while looking through pictures of loved ones I lost


when suddenly I dosed off,

immediately awakened experiencing a slight shiver, and then it all began … the pause in time, the program reran over and over on C-Span, my state of mind is in the city of New York as I witness the plane crash, sirens divulge into the fumes and gas as ash and memories blow in the wind.

My people lets relax … now think again how a beautiful day had to suddenly end and this is just the beginning.

Picture me at that very moment when the first Twin Tower crumbled.

Witness the day get tested by the hands of fate as the clock strikes ground zero, fortunately I had just canceled my flight, talking to God about rewriting this page of life, praying for survivors before hearing the final message from my uncle’s wife.

“I love you” trickled off her lips, her pretty face smothered in tears covered in rubble buried under Dow Jones, and now I have nightmares of evil spirits, souls of hijackers chasing the president.

I see dead people, I fear live grenades, I’m tortured by inner pain so NOW who do I blame, at what center target should I begin to aim?


Someone’s not telling me everything; this blemish will be my unborn seeds birthmark, so without further ado, I deserve an explanation. The truth and nothing but the truth before the government calls me to sacrifice my organs for this nation with millions of troops that have just been recruited.

Time heals flesh wounds but before this country can once again emerge out of this concrete cocoon we must first remove our anger out of the nature of mother earth’s womb and with love and dedication the dirt that laid under the World Trades will have a rose for every life we lost to once again bloom …

Let us pray … Amen