Scott Mahon:Without limits, sophomore on the SIU Cross Country team

By Gus Bode

Scott Mahon is a sophomore on the SIU cross country team. Mahon, who is also a member of the track squad, finished eighth at the Saluki Fast Start Open Saturday. He recently took time to speak with Christopher Morrical of the Daily Egyptian.

Daily Egyptian:What got you started in cross country?

Scott Mahon:Started doing it back in grade school. I was pretty good at it, so I kept doing it. I don’t really know. My dad ran too, so he got me into it when he was running on his own.


DE:How good will the cross country team be this year?

SM:I think if we do what we’re capable of, we should get third. Third in conference or better. That’s the minimum we will do.

DE:How do you prepare for a race?

SM:I get up and listen to some music. Eat some bread or some noodles or some carbs. I just come out here and run. Run my best, I guess.

DE:What things are going through your head when you are running?

SM:Nothing. It’s blank. “This hurts.” (laughs)

DE:Do you have any superstitions about running?


SM:Not really. Perhaps no junk food the night before a race. I don’t run well after I’ve eaten some.

DE:What types of land do you prefer to run on?

SM:I like a few hills. I seems to hurt other runners. I also like to run on grass.

DE:Do you have a favorite moment from a race?

SM:In college? I ran the IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indiana) 1500 with Doron Giat and Joe Zeibert. My time was like four minutes and I don’t remember the exact time. It was a good race.

DE:You’re from Effingham. Can you compare it to Carbondale?

SM:I like Effingham. Carbondale is better because of the people. Effingham would be great if it had a college.

DE:What is your favorite part about Carbondale?

SM:Probably the people and the coaches here. I like the coaches here. I like the coaches a lot. The running coach, the track coach. I have a lot of friends that go down to school here. Probably just the night life.

DE:Any places that you like to go to?

SM:WiseGuys. I like the 214 sub. Turkey.

DE:Do you have a sports idol?

SM:That’s a tough one. I probably have to say Bob Kennedy. He’s a runner. He used to run for Indiana University. I liked the type of guy he is.

DE:How do you like the school?

SM:It’s pretty good. I like the professors. My classes are pretty good. I get pretty good grades. I like the atmosphere. I’m a country kid. I grew up in the country so it’s out of the city a little bit.

DE:Thinking ahead to after graduation yet?

SM:I want to get into medical school. I have to finish my physician’s assistant classes first.

DE:What is the last DVD you bought?

SM:Steve Prefontaine. “Without Limits.”

DE:That’s a running movie?

SM:Yep. I got it on VHS, but I got it on DVD a couple of days ago.

DE:What is the last CD you bought?

SM:Dave Matthews Band. “Busted Stuff.” His new one. It’s pretty good.

DE:Is there a certain song on there you like?

SM:”Where Are You Going?” It’s pretty good. It’s on the radio all the time.

SM:I have a lot of favorite TV shows. “X-Men.”

DE:Do you like the comic book, too?

SM:Yeah, the comic book is pretty good, too.

DE:Do you have a favorite character?

SM:I would say Jason Lee.

Reporter Christopher Morrical can be reached at [email protected]