The music that moves them

By Gus Bode

Salukis share the songs they swing to

Music is the motivation behind the big hitting of the Saluki baseball team.

Each player struts confidently to the plate with a song he picked for the season playing for all to hear. Even though it only lasts a few seconds, the beat or lyrics are just enough to get the player pumped up or mentally prepared to knock the crimson stitching off a mitt-seeking fastball.


The Salukis along with Major league teams participate in this motivational ritual not only to jazz up the players, but to get the crowd into the fun of the game.

The most interesting part of tying music in with those determined few steps to the plate, is why the players pick the songs that serve as anthems for their swing.

The following is a list of songs the Saluki baseball players picked last season and why they chose each song.

P.J. Finigan, SS:Busta Rhymes “Break Your Neck”

“It gets me ready to hit, and my adrenaline flowing.”

“I am lead off batter, so it is a good opening song to start the game off right.”

“I love the beat; music is a motivator for all sports.”


C.J. Heuer, 1B:Notorious B.I.G. “Big Poppa”

“I’m a big guy, and I’ve liked the song for a long time. I like the rhythm of it.”

“I liked the sound of it.”

“I’m from Australia, and they’re an Australian band, and the song pumps me up.”

Sal Frisella, RF:Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”

“It’s not just to egg on the pitcher; it is something different and the crowd loves it. Music is a way of life. If you can’t appreciate Marvin Gaye, you can’t appreciate anything.”

The players are still choosing this season’s songs, so we will have an update on what music will accompany each player to the plate in the spring.

Reporter Jack Piatt can be reached at [email protected]