USG members brainstorm for a hitchless Halloween

By Gus Bode

An informal meeting by members of USG produced ideas for managing the Halloween crowds.

Several Undergraduate Student Government members talked Monday about ideas to facilitate alternative activities for Halloween this year. Meeting participants agreed that there is not enough time for USG to organize a formal event and that it is not the duty of USG to do so.

But participants came up with three possible actions to help smooth the Halloween festivities.


One idea was to provide a form of mass transit to move students to activities away from the city’s center.

Another was to request that the city block off certain streets that will have a high concentration of pedestrian traffic to avoid accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians.

The third idea was to encourage small events that will take place away from the city center to help keep crowds manageable.

Senators also discussed placing sober peacekeepers at key points around town. USG senators may be called upon to volunteer for this purpose.

Since USG normally does not organize events, it encourages Registered Student Organizations to submit proposals for activities and any funding needed for those events.

Jarard said that USG has not decided whether it will actually sponsor an event.

“We are trying to push the organizations to put on events,” Jarard said. “I would like to see an event that will attract a highly diverse group of students,” he said.


He said the Arena might be a possible event location if USG decides to sponsor an event. Jarard and Chancellor Walter Wendler have agreed to encourage non-alcoholic events on campus, though funding for this type of event is not guaranteed.

USG might discuss some of these items at the next meeting Wed. Sept. 18.

Reporter Evan Rau can be reached at [email protected]